Northern Shuswap Tribal Council

NStQ Leadership Council

The Northern Secwepemc te Qelmucw (NStQ) Leadership Council continues to evolve as the decision making body for treaty. The purpose of such a body is to fully engage and educate Leadership in treaty issues and to formalize the process for mandating the treaty team.

The NStQ Leadership Council is composed of the four NStQ community Councils who make up the decision making body. The meetings are held on a monthly basis throughout the year and rotate between the four communities. They are open to band administrators, who provide technical support with regards to internal process’, as well as open to the NSTC Executive Director, and the Treaty Team Coordinator who provide advise and coordinate the meetings.

A very structured Terms of Reference was agreed to in principle at the 2010 fiscal year end and has recently been endorsed and is currently being implemented by the four communities, as well as by the Leadership Council. The purpose of the Terms of Reference is to define political structures, procedures, and systems of governance for the Leadership Council.

If you would like to view the Leadership Council Reference Documentation click below:

NStQ Leadership Council Representatives are:

Stswecem’c / Xgat’tem (Canoe Creek / Dog Creek Band)

1. Chief Patrick Harry

2. Councillor  Eric Archie

3. Councillor Marie Camille

4. Councillor Catlin Duncan

5. Councillor Loretta Billy

6. Councillor Harold Duncan

Phone: 250-440-5645

T’exelc (Williams Lake Indian Band)

1. Chief Willie Sellars

2. Councillor Andrew Meshue

3. Councillor Rick Gilbert

4. Councillor Shawna Philbrick

5.  Councillor Joanne Moise

6.  Councillor Lennard Supernault

Phone: 250-296-3507

Xatśūll (Soda Creek First Nations)

1. Chief Sheri Sellars

2. Councillor Marnie Sellars

3. Councillor Kelly Sellars

4. Councillor Mike Stinson

5. Councillor Crystal Harry

Phone: 250-989-2323

Tsq’escen’ (Canim Lake Band)

1. Chief Helen Henderson

2. Councillor Steven Daniels

3. Councillor Margo Archie

4. Councillor Nadine Durk

5. Councillor Stanley Daniels

6.  Councillor Maryanne Archie

7.  Councillor Chris Amut

Phone: 250-397-2227