Northern Shuswap Tribal Council

Chairman’s Report

2013 Board Chair, Mike Archie

We must work together: One heart and one mind and one voice.

I am very pleased and honored to serve as the Chair for Northern Shuswap Tribal Council.
At the Northern Shuswap Tribal Council we have been very busy and continue to lead the
way developing Governance Processes, which now include the Common Housing Policy, Employee Policy
and Salary Grid, and Human Resource Data Base.
Northern Secwepemc te Qelmucw signed the Secwepemc Unity Declaration with the 17 Secwepemc
Nations to work together in the key areas of housing, social development, health, child and family
services as well economic development and a Human Resource data base.  The Secwepemc Unity Declaration also
outlines our process and commitment to protect our Aboriginal Rights and Title and land base.
As Northern Secwepemc te Qelmucw we strive for self-determination through developing governance and
decision making processes which reflect the values of our nation in a unified and collaborative way.
Transparency and accountability to our citizenship is paramount.
Northern Secwepemc te Qelmucw have been busy with Leadership Council meetings
held on the first Wednesday and Thursday of every month to discuss treaty. I find this very important as
there is strength in unity.  There has been the formation of the several committees; Joint Resource Commit
tee, Band Administrators Committee, Governance to Governance committee, Treaty Managers Committee,
and the Technical Working Group as well as the Board of Directors.  Our work and process is recognized by the BC
Assembly of First Nations as we have received an invitation to be on the panel to share our experiences
creating our Governance Orientation Kit.
Northern Secwepemc te Qelmucw look to the future and the way forward which presents
exciting opportunities and challenges.  Questions to be answered: What does it cost to run our NStQ government?
Do we have the capacity? What is the decision making process? What governance structure will look like?
I am very optimistic and very critical and take my role very seriously as a member of NStQ and as a
council member.  NStQ has been a part of the Made-In-BC Treaty Process since 1993. I received
feedback from NStQ citizenship which proves to be very valuable and important. My role is to follow the
mandate given to negotiate the best possible option for a treaty and the decision will be made by NStQ